Vous avez son nom? Je vais a cote seulement. Listen now to the full word. We’ll place this new word in front of the one that ,,you have repeated. Say the following words before your instructor does. Listen to the last word of that sentence. Please contact g Hoftype.

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This sentence is a question. Look at those French words and listen. Listen again to A and B. Rg-retular at the following sentence and listen. Be sure to produce the French « r » at the end of syllables three and four. Look at the following sentences.

Nasalization Rg-Regular polices

nasaoization Now look, listen and imitate. II est deja midi passe. Does « e » sound like « er » and « ez »? Does it have a nasal vowel? Camera copy for the present edition was typed by Maryko Deemer of nasalizatiom School of Language Studies editorial office. Ask the question and listen to the answer, begin You: Say the following sentence before your instructor does.


police nasalization rg-regular

A quelle heure partez- vous? On va nasxlization servir a cote. Sent xsans x b.

police nasalization rg-regular

II est une heure? You ask the questions, begin You: Say it in French before your instructor does.

police nasalization rg-regular

Are the vowels in syllables two and three the same? This time, you ask the questions. Cette clause s’applique galement la modification de la clause imposant la forme crite.

Read the following sentence before your instructor does. We are concerned here with words with more than two syllable which all have « e » in the middle syllable. You may not copy or distribute this software. Drill 2 Oui Say in French 1. Copyright Copyright c Typodermic Fonts. It’s in a question.

nasalization rg Télécharger les polices gratuites

The question is pronounced at slower than normal speed. Vous y avez dejeune? We’ll add one more word at the rg-rsgular. Listen again to A and B. Round your lips as if you were ready to whistle, keep the tip of your tongue against the lower part of your bottom gr-regular nasalzation imitate. We’ll say the sentence again. Vous voulez son nom? Here is the right pronunciation. Are those vowels different from one another?


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