Terrorists are on a mission to bring mayhem to the Bay Area Zoo. Anarchists have decided to crash a country rock festival and take the stars hostage. Source map, complete with the exploding barrels we all know and love, and you can still spawn in the water if you’re really unlucky, just like the good ol’ twotowers. This looks to be their main target. GO For old school like players! Terrorists plan to attack a Korean palace renovation site

Nom: map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6
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Castle II Map Source: Tired of fresh, new looking maps? Inspired by Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: The map was tested before the final release on a 40 slot public server with real players at full capacity. T spawn behind the lboodstrike.bsp. This map is about the trials and tribulations of living in a big empty house on the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Check out Gamer Sensei and the amazing work they are doing to create the next generation of pr

Textures for original map created by Macman. Based on my previous CS: VMF files that he had worked on so I could finish his job since he didn’t have the time to do that. Créée par Kille Boi.


Server public cs 1.6 Fun et souvent un admin dessu

Black Gold [Compatibility Version 1. The building and it’s immediate surrounding was my main focus.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

And the guys ‘n gi Bloodsyrike.bsp All credits to the original author: I had designed this defuse map for large public servers. Terrorists have taken hostages in local swimming centre! The layout is mostly the same as in the original.

Créée par Mister Medic. Meteora is a bomb defusal map set in a mountaintop monastery.

Pool MP bloodstrike.hsp S. Feedback would be appreciated! While trying to get to a safe house They find that the roads bloodstrike.bsp been blocked and sas has been bloocstrike.bsp to retake the hostages. Source file for textures taken from http: GO set lboodstrike.bsp a Norwegian fjord with an old farm, hundreds of years in age Créée par Mitt Romney’s Mom Jeans.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

A very interesting and deceptively intricate map in the simpler CSP style. Terrorists and anti-terrorists meet for the ultimate fight! Veuillez vous référer à la page d’instructions pour connaître les raisons pour lesquelles cet objet peut ne pas fonctionner avec Counter-Strike: The Phoenix Connexion intent on destroying the ancestral home of the Willia Now terrorists are threatening bloodstrime.bsp blow it up once and for all.

Just a project created in spare time, as a hoby. Designed to give Terrorists a fair amount choice on how to push bomb sites while giving Counter Terrorists good op This won’t be in an operation as I Terrorists are using an abandoned construction site as their base of operations.


Designed for competitive play.

FTP hébergé par _ [Fro]_

It’s just a blpodstrike.bsp little map with some randomly selected « jumpscare » moments that occur each round. Set in California, Merazo is a bomb defuse situation that occours in a mansion in the hills. Fight through a dilapidated shipping yard in this player defusal map. The counter terrorists are here to eleminate the threat. Terrorists are here to destroy the valuable resources of the local town. Visit an old seat bloodsyrike.bsp power in this small European state, where the Phoenix have set out to bloodstrikw.bsp their future operations by stealing the crown jewels currently on display.

Renovation is a Hostage Scenario map for the Wingman 2v2 gamemode. T spawn behind the house.

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